Highway 30 Photography is a gallery site containing the work of Jeff Nesheim, a photographer and poet living in Denver, CO. An eclectic mix of collections showcases a vision  focused on the the landscapes, cities, people, and open roads of the Mountain West and Midwest.

Most work was shot with Leica and Fujifilm cameras and lenses, the rest of the work on the site was shot with those and a smattering of other gear.

After a recent relocation to Colorado, expect to see the collections here evolve to include explorations of the Mountain West and Rocky Mountain landscapes.

Most of my life I have lived on or near, and traveled via, Highway 30. Lincoln Highway, as it was named in 1913, was the first transcontinental route conceived with the automobile in mind. My roots run through Highway 30 and my images are the record of my journey along its routes, both in reality and in spirit.

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